On-page SEO is all about making the website easily crawlable and readable by search engine bots. It is basically the union of all the things we do on a website which help boost ranking. There are a number of factors can be included as On-page Search Engine Optimization. If you want to earn more relevant traffic to your website through search engines, choose our service and let us do it for you at reasonable prices.

Some of the most important on page factors and on which we have our primary focus are :

Meta Tags:
Search Engines read the meta tags to summarized the idea of what your website is about and what exactly your keywords are? Meta Tags contains meta title, meta description, meta keywords, meta robots, etc.

Heading Tags: Tags that are used for the creation of headings. Headings are important in Google’s eyes.
Content-Length: Depending upon your niche and competition, we try to write the content with effective length as it is a good way to get a high rank.

SEO Friendly URL: Our practice is to involve keywords in the URL and make URL short (<90 characters) as it helps in CTR growth.

Keyword Density: We use a good number of keywords i.e., 2-3% for better results and to avoid spamming.

Internal Linking: It is used to going from one page to another page of the same domain. Internal Linking helps in increasing user engagement, discovering the new topics on your site, Lower bounce rate, passed link juice within your site, increase crawlability and helps in ranking on Google.

Some other on page optimization activities we do are :

  • Keywords Proximity
  • Keyword prominence
  • Site loading speed optimization
  • Text to HTML ratio or HTML page optimization
  • Bold and Italic
  • Readability of the content
  • Image optimization
  • Presence of LSI keywords
  • Sitemap
  • Robots.txt file
  • Heading Tags
  • Broken Link fixing
  • Google Analytics
  • Google webmaster
  • Java Script error solving
  • Social media buttons
  • GZIP compression
  • Flash objects optimization
  • JS & CSS Minification
  • Nested Optimizations
  • Frames optimizations
  • Doctype declaration
  • URL redirects & URL canonicalization
  • Mobile friendly, Server signature, Directory browsing, and other tests, etc.

You’d be benefitted of, by choosing our services of On-page SEO are less expensive but powerful marketing, permanent value in less time, better conversion rate, Improve CTR, more organic traffic sources, uniqueness, and much more.